International Exchange

Student exchanges are an essential experience that allows our students to become more adaptable, skilled and caring professionals. For this reason, we are developing a student exchange programme that aims to increase student enrollment over the next five years.


The Vitae’s Erasmus Programme, aims to offer the opportunity to experience studying abroad. Thus, our students will be prepared to adapt to any context, get to know different ways of doing different cultures and to value the ability to communicate in more than one language. 


We fully recognise the abroad experience by awarding the total number of credit hours achieved at the host institution. The arrangements are based on the documents that you, as a student, will need to provide to the host institution and the home institution. 


  • Educational contract.
  • Transcript of records of training agreement.
  • Recognition is done through Credit System equivalencies. Depending on the programme, you will have the opportunity to change courses or replace them according to your interests. There will also be the possibility to include extra courses.
  • Internships are validated in an internship course. This is agreed at the application stage, prior to the start.

Academic credit system

Students will leave with a learning or training agreement prior to the exchange, validated by the International Relations Manager. The agreement is written for one semester or one year and is signed by the host institution as the sending institution. After the abroad experience, a transcript of records or internship report will be completed which is designed to fully recognise the students’ achievements throughout the semester or year.

Normally the workload, calculated on a credit system, is 50 for a year and 25 for a semester. A one-year programme at Vitae is equivalent to 1000 hours of training, a semester is equivalent to 500 hours of training. Credit points will be awarded upon the successful completion of the course or traineeship.

Once the students receive a student transcript or internship report from the host institution, they can validate it at the home institution. This is done through the Credit System or the hours equivalence system. Students will get full recognition for doing their study programme or internship abroad.


All students will receive English language courses. Incoming students will have the opportunity to receive an intensive Catalan and Spanish course during the school’s orientation weeks at the beginning of their Erasmus period. 

After the intensive course, students will be encouraged to follow the Spanish and/or Catalan courses. Those who did not join the intensive course during the orientation week will also be able to join these classes. Classes will be divided into groups by level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). Additional support will be available for students who have problems with the language. 

The language level test is based on students’ own certificates or through the European Union’s Online Language Support (OLS) assessment test. This test shows the students’ level at the end of the procedure.

University of Berfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire, located 48km north of London, opens its doors to Vitae students. It is a university with an international reputation for teaching and researching in the field of sport and physical education.

Those students who pass the CFGS the ‘Animation of Physical and Sports Activities’ will have the opportunity to validate the first year at the University of Bedfordshire and study in two years the University Degree of Science of Physical Activity and Sport, specializing in Sports Management, High Performance, Personal Training, Coaching or Physical Education.