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General FAQ

Can a student from the VET in Outdoor Sports & Leisure Guide access the HNC in Education and Social Sports Animation, without taking an entrance exam?


Can I enrol in the HNC in Education and Social Sports Animation and/or HNC Physical Conditioning if I am 16 years old?


Can I get in if I come from a Special Regime Education, such as Football Technician?

No. You must sit the admission test. The regulations give direct access to Vocational Education and Training studies only, special regime studies are not included.

If I come from a Vocational Education and Training (VET) of another professional family, can I access the HNC in Education and Social Sports Animation course?


How are scholarships given?

At the school, we will inform you when scholarships are published, and we will provide you with all the necessary documentation. However, only the student can apply for the scholarships, therefore he or she is responsible for the application procedure. The granting of scholarships depends on a number of parameters decided by the State each year.

In which Vitae Centres can I study and what are the course prices?

Currently there are four schools in Catalonia, one in Navarra and our study-from-home courses. Our objective is to offer the possibility of becoming a Sports Technician to more people, that is why we are working to create new centres in Granollers, Bilbao, Logroño and Zaragoza.

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Is class attendance compulsory?

In the on-site format, you must attend at least 80% of the sessions to be eligible for the exam.If you exceed this percentage of absences, you will have to go to the extraordinary exam where you will not obtain more than a maximum score of 5/10 in the final grade.
In the blended format, the classes and assessments are specially designed for those who cannot attend classes in person. It is an official qualification recognized by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the same validity as the on-site format.

How does the transfer of subjects work?

As a general rule, no qualification from a lower level of study validates a qualification from a higher level of study. For instance, a Football Sports Technician or an VET in Outdoor Sports & Leisure Guide, would not be eligible to apply for the transfer of subjects from the HNC in Education & Social Sports Animation.

However, it would be possible to transfer them for courses at the same level; for example: a Bachelor in Physical Activity and Sport Science or a HNC in Education and Social Sports Animation could apply for the validations of the common blocks.

In any case, the student can apply for a subject transfer by submitting a request and attaching the relevant documentation duly certified. Vitae, following the regulations described above, will decide whether or not validation is possible.

I am an elite athlete, do you take this into consideration?

Yes, but you must respect the minimum class attendance of 65%. If you were to exceed this by 35%, you will have the opportunity to sit the extraordinary exam (with a maximum grade of 5/10).  If travelling and competitions are not compatible with your studies, you also have the option of taking the course in blended learning format.

I have to leave class a little early, will it affect my final grade?

If there is an evaluation exercise at the end of the session and you are absent, you will not be excused. If you leave 30 minutes before the end of the session, the school considers it as an absence. If this is a punctual case, you should speak directly with the teacher involved and your tutor.

What happens if I get injured and cannot do the practical training?

As the vast majority of Vitae students are sportsmen and women, this is a frequent scenario. Vitae is therefore prepared to offer injured students the possibility of an alternative assessment so that they can obtain the same academic grade as their classmates.

Can I work abroad with these qualifications?

Yes, the qualifications we teach at the school depend on the Catalan Ministry of Education, which in turn depend on the Spanish Ministry of Education. At an European level, everything is regulated (successful free movement of workers in the European Economic Community area). Many of our graduates are currently working abroad, in fact, training in our country has a point of prestige thanks to the success of Spanish elite sportsmen and women.

Is it possible to do an internship abroad?

Yes, and from Vitae we will help you with the process.Internally we manage it through the FP Barcelona Foundation and Vitae is working on a new department of Internationalization to offer more aid and services.

Can I propose an entity where I can do an internship?

Yes, we are always open to establish new internship agreements. The student must apply via their internship supervisor, who will then contact the requested entity to arrange an interview.  If the entity in question has an internship programme and is willing to provide it, the school will have no problem.

Do you have to be very fit to train as a Sports Technician?

In order to study any sports course, it is essential that you practice and enjoy sport in your day-to-day life. A student may have two or three practical classes in a row, so we recommend you to be fit enough to enjoy the sessions.

How are Termination of Studies handled?

The following protocol must be followed:

  1. Have a meeting with your tutor and the school management to state the reasons for your termination.
  2. Notify your absence by writing to the school’s secretary’s office.
  3. The secretary’s office will process the withdrawal on a case-by-case basis depending on the payment system chosen.
What is the Vitae teaching staff like?

They are sportspeople, specialists and passionate about their work. In addition, they are linked to the world of work and this provides students with a link to a working professional who transmits a real and practical vision of their subject.

What facilities does Vitae have?

One of the characteristics that distinguishes us as a school is that the training is given in sports clubs and facilities, thanks to which our students have daily contact and a real vision of the sports sector.

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What partners do you work with?

We have important synergies with entities in the sports sector. It is a priority for us to offer students a wide range of educational opportunities, which is why the Business Relations Department works to incorporate new sports organisations every year.

Do you provide sports equipment?
  • At the beginning of each course, students receive the official Vitae kit.
  • In order to carry out the training sessions, each centre provides the students with specific sports equipment (balls, bibs, tennis rackets, etc.).
  • The VET in Outdoor Sports & Leisure Guide requires the student to have a mountain bike.
What is tutoring like?

It is one of the foundations of our training. With students under 18 we have a direct relationship with their parents; and with students over 18, in agreement with the student, we sign a document that allows us to communicate with their families.

What are the career opportunities available for sports studies?

There is a wide range of employment options in the world of sport.You will receive all the information you need to choose the pathway that best suits your interests, both in the Training and Work Orientation course and in the tutorships.

How can I prepare for the entry exam to the Certificates of Higher Education?

In order to prepare for this exam, we collaborate with Academia Campus 25, who are experts in this type of exam and who will advise you on all related issues. We work together in order to offer you the best guidance.

Can I access university if I have studied the HNC in Education and Social Sports Animation? And from Physical Conditioning?

With both HNC degrees you can access university studies. If you want to improve your average grade to have more opportunities and be able to choose a university, we recommend you take the specific subjects exam from the Selectividad (Spain only).

Can I work as a lifeguard in a swimming pool with a Red Cross or Catalan Lifeguard Federation qualification?

No. The law on sports professions requires you to have at least a Lifeguarding and First Aid Technician course. In fact, both the Catalan Lifesaving and Rescue Federation and the Red Cross no longer teach the course but instead collaborate with schools such as Vitae where it is taught in the specific block.

Until recently, students who obtained the HNC in Education and Social Sports Animation certificate could work as lifeguards, but not anymore.

FAQ VET in Outdoor and Leisure Guide (CAFEMN in Spanish)

What equipment do I need to buy to take the course?

To complete the course you will need a mountain bike and a helmet. It is also advisable to have warm clothing, a rucksack and mountain shoes. The horse riding credit is given at various riding schools that provide students with the specific equipment for the course.

Do I have to pass a specific entrance exam?

In the case of this course, it is not necessary to sit any specific entry test.

FAQ HNC in Education and Social Sports Animation (EAS in Spanish)

If I am an EAS technician, do I also need the qualification of Leisure Instructor (also known as Camp Leader Training) to be able to work?

With the EAS qualification you will obtain all the competences related to this qualification, therefore, you can work in this field as a Leisure professional.

With the title of Football Technician and/or the Lifeguard and First Aid Technician, can I access the HNC?

No. You can only access it if you have a High School Diploma (GCE). If not, you will need to take an entry exam.

This course can also be studied online, but does it have the same validity as the on-site course?

Yes, it has the same validity and allows the students to acquire the same professional competences as the on-site format. Vitae is accredited by the Catalan Government’s Department of Education and is a pioneer in online sports studies.

Is it compulsory to enrol in the practical side of the subjects?

No. But it is advisable if you think (after talking to your tutor) that you will have difficulties to successfully complete the course.

FAQ HNC in Physical Conditioning

How does it differ from the EAS?

The HNC in Education and Social Sports Animation is focused on teaching individual and team sports, as well as physical and recreational activities for sports initiation. Coaches, monitors, managers of competitions and recreational sports. 

The HNC in Physical Conditioning is designed to learn how to manage activities related to the world of fitness and well-being through sport. Choreographers, gym monitors, aquatic activities, Pilates, etc.

What is DUAL Education and Training?

It is a type of VET in which both the educational centre and the company are involved in the training of the students. The student combines the training in the educational centre with the professional activity in the company.

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